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New Tribes Repack

Post by phantom » Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:23 am

Last night I released the new version of the Tribes Repack (available at or directly at ).

Here is the changelog (I forgot to put dates on a couple entries in the readme):
Changes in release 4 (June 3, 2010):
-Lowered the default gamma slightly. I feel the textures look better when the gamma is not turned up all the way.
-Renamed "Other Info" player setup field to "RPG password", when run as rpg mod.
-Changed console.cs to make command line parameters less strict (-dedicated no longer needs to be on the end).
-Added numpad key-bindings, for repack-compatible servers (the bindings are configured per-server).
-Hackfix 1.7.5 (small changes just for this new repack)

Changes in release 3 (March 22, 2010):
-Added War40k mod and some additional skins for other mods.
-Added a few other client side shape files.
-Worked around a bug that caused "REFRESH ALL" to take a long time.
-Hackfix 1.7.4 (small aesthetic changes)
-Repack will now stop accessing the sound device on startup if all sound volume options are turned down/disabled in options. It will still reopen sound on opening the options tab.
-Small changes to client files and defaults.
-Copied a few shapes and skins from SWRPG to RPG.

Changes in release 2 (January 15, 2010):
-Hackfix 1.7.3 (crash fixes + a hack fix tweaked)
-Additional RPG files (Farm RPG files + Carling's Orc skins)
-Some possible crashes fixed
-The repack should no longer automatically log console output unless running a dedicated server.

Changes in release 1 (December 25, 2009):
Also, on my main Tribes server, recent changes are as follows:
-Added server side support for the numpad key bindings
-Changed weight of coins from a small negative amount, to nothing -- fixing an exploit that allowed you to keep dropping and picking up your coins again to lower your weight for no apparent reason
-The following inventory items have been moved to belt: Black Statue, Dragon Scale, Enchanted Stone, Skeleton Bone

As a bit of trivia, there are now 77 keys that can be #set on my main server with the latest repack.

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