New Tribes Repack 5

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New Tribes Repack 5

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Tribes Repack release 5 is out now. Get it here (429 MB).
(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Tribes Repack installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)
Changes in release 5 (June 21, 2010):
-Added some new client-side files required for certain rpg servers.
-Changed default controls (reversed W and CTRL+W, were prev-weapon and next-weapon respectively).
-Removed mp3check.exe (useless file from when rpg mod was new).
-Hackfix 1.7.6 (small changes and bug fixes).
-Added repack version to installer.
-Installer no longer replaces the following files: config.cs, clientprefs.cs, play.gui, rpgserv.cs, serverprefs.cs
Also, recent changes on my server are:
-Bot numbering system changed, number is not used if the bot is number 0. Number is per-bot-class now instead of shared across all bots.
-Added Hell Keep in the Keldrin world, at Jaten Outpost.
-Added Hellish Cave in the Norrath world, near Lakeside.
-Switched the server from running on a Windows 2000 virtual machine to running straight off Linux. The result is a small stability improvement.
-Added "block" spell, creates a magical barrier for 20 seconds.
-Limited spawndis inside dungeons, requiring certain amounts of crafting skill. Limits AFK training that's been too rampant these days.
-Added an optional tab-menu based NPC chat mechanism. Turns all NPC conversations into menus.
-Fixed reverting from #eyes while meditating.
-Rearranged the tab menu, more commonly used menus are now on the first page.
-Redesigned Limbo to look more RPG-like.
-Belt dropping is improved. Refreshes your weight, and the menu stays up after dropping items (unless you dropped your last of said item).

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