New Tribes Repack 6

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New Tribes Repack 6

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Tribes Repack release 6 is out now. Get it here (440 MB).
(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Tribes Repack installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)
Changes in release 6 (August 6, 2010):
-Added a couple new shapes.
-Added extra-keybind functionality to RMRPG.
-Added maps, and files including those needed for Tribes Football mod.
-Added new extra-keybinds including the F-keys, control-number keys, and alt-number keys.
(edit: I forgot to mention in the changelog that I included volumer and winvol in this version, in the tribes/tools folder)

And some recent changes on my main RPG server are:
-Moved armours to belt.
-Tent in belt now has an option to camp.
-Added rune of teleportation, and a similar teleporter effect to masstransport (it can be #entered), allowing you to provide transport to people who are not in your group.
-Added a shortcut to the belt in the inventory screen (mainly for shops) titled "Belt Items..."

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