New Tribes Repack 7

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New Tribes Repack 7

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Tribes Repack release 7 is out now. Get it here (448 MB).
(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Tribes Repack installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)
Changes in release 7 (August 14, 2010):
-Added "mapping" map needed for Sinister's Iceworld RPG.
-Fixed version number displayed in installer.
-Added some tools (WorldCraft and VisualVT) to tribes/tools
And some recent (unrelated) changes on my main RPG server are:
-Armours are now belt items.
-Belt categories now support pages, as there are more than 8 categories (the limit of options per page in the tab menu).
-Added #use command, works for belt items and classic inventory items. (#use broadsword; #use orbofbreath; #use healpotion)
-Improved pack dropping code to drop as few packs as possible when you have huge numbers of items, while still avoiding content loss.
-For Repack users, town music ends immediately after leaving a town.

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