New Tribes Repack 18

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New Tribes Repack 18

Postby phantom » Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:20 am

Tribes Repack release 18 is out now. Get it here (554 MB).

(The patches are only for updating old repack versions; if you do not have the repack, do not download them)

(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)

Changes in release 18 (March 1, 2013):
-Added several more songs from Celestial Aeon Project.
-Replaced the scores/tab menu with one which allows more menu options.
-Increased max chars in chat from 80 to 140.
-Disabled weapon hud by default (can be re-enabled normally by hitting K).
-Fixed a couple of crashes, and fixed trees which had a mistaken transparency.
-Added a small feature to make it easier to fix control issues.
-Added a number of client side files for non-RPG Tribes, including several LT maps.
-Improved some minor back end functions.
-Added a feature which should help reduce server list spam from malicious hosts.

Recent changes in my main RPG server:
-Reduced the impact of weapon rust on player-dropped weapons. There are now two stages of weapon damage instead of one.
-Armours can now be upgraded by applying magical runes to them, up to 9 of each kind of rune.
-Added wind runes.
-Added "Goblin Ring" and an associated quest.
-Added "Orb of Gold" which was a rather rewarding item available during the Christmas event (which also had other goodies), may be available again in the future.
-Improvements in several tab menus, as well as NPCs, in preparation for new features in Repack 18.
-Fixed the mass-selling options for weapons when you are holding less than 10.
-Fixed the problem where female NPCs would grab players.
-Added Steam and Skype as possible contact info.
-The #use command has been significantly improved.

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