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Hey! ~wwshoot1.wav

Post by Dusk »

Hello all! I'm Dusk.
I've played on your server a few times, phantom (hence my following the link) and gotta say, sweet stuff man.
The planes of norath are confusing though, I find myself wandering around most of the time. Lucky I stumbled on the mines. Though, I had to leave and didn't get to fight anything. D:
Anyways. Just stopping by to say hi.

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Post by phantom »

Welcome to the forum, and server.

The Planes of Norrath was originally a separate map called New Frontier, and depended alot on quest scripts, basically a bunch of extra NPC scripts that handled quests and some of the areas. Since these scripts aren't loaded on my server (can't handle it due to memory limitations in Tribes itself), some areas of Norrath that should have things and NPCs there, are empty.

Some shops sell weird things because the map is also meant for a specific modification of Tribes RPG.

From Newbie Town, going North you encounter the Strawberry Mines (dungeon).
Going South, you encounter Elf Fort (dungeon), and South East from there is Lakeside (town).
East of Lakeside, on the edge of a cliff, you find Orc Hideout (dungeon).
South West of Lakeside, into the mountains, you encounter Zombie Lair (dungeon).
Further South West from there, higher into the mountains, is Overlook Valley (town).
West from Overlook Valley is Lost Mines (dungeon), and further West from there is The Realm of Dangerous Monsters (dungeon).

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