Important Kitty Komic Question for everybodies

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Should Kitty Komic continue to be inked or switched to drawn?

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Important Kitty Komic Question for everybodies

Post by Sonikku » Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:11 pm

Inking is boring. Inking takes a long time. Inking is only used for colouring "professionally", and to improve my current simplistic colouring takes FOREVER (As my random doodles proved >.>), so I have a question (And you can probably guess it) for everybody here who reads Kitty Komic

Do you want me to keep inking or just draw them and upload them like that?

Before you decide, let's look at the pros and cons of not inking...

- I can do a page every couple of days, AND KEEP IT THAT WAY (This is the main reason why I don't want to ink anymore)
- I might colour with pencil crayons (I can mimic every colour with my 48-set, including Kei's fur colour (Which is mango according to the pencil crayon, orange is too dark) which is quite an oddball colour), or I might shade since they won't take nearly as long
- Allows for more detailed story, since I won't have to spend 5+ hours of work on each page, and since I don't like working that much (This is a hobby, not a paid job after all), I cut pieces out of the original story to have less work for me
- My penciling skill far exceeds my inking skill
- Higher detail backgrounds

- Won't look as nice, you might be able to see eraser smudges on some pages
- Some high-detail areas may look blurred from pencil strokes rather than smooth ink (Eyes in particular) (I use 0.5 mm lead)
- Lots of people like seeing inked stuff, and seeing just pencil may make people not want to read Kitty Komic
- My writing is sloppy (Ironic, since I can draw VERY detailed pictures if I try)
- No more special effects (Shadowed speech bubbles, blurred high-speed movement, shiny eyes)

I personally don't want to ink anymore. I want to show everyone my awesome story ideas, but inking is like a 100-ton weight stopping me from getting all the pages done to tell the story. I don't want to have to cut story ideas out of Chapter 2 (Which is 8972337893x better than Chapter 1's story, which was more or less just an introduction anyway), and I don't want to increase work load to not cut out parts of the story either. But... If you peoples want me to keep inking them, I will. I'm just one person after all (But remember, I AM the creator/story writer/artist/character designer/special effect director/etc), hence I'm only one vote. One huge reason I made Kitty Komic was to impress people (Which it's done a very good job at, despite it's lack of pages, considering I started on APRIL 10TH!!!), but another reason I made it was to make a totally original story with 2 cats as the main characters, one male, one female (Kei and Ami, duh ^_^), in a slice-of-life genre thingy in a totally animal filled world (This reason is satisfying me, but I'm the only one who knows how cool Chapter 2's story is :( ). I'll finish up page 10 while waiting for a decent amount of answers. Remember though...

It doesn't matter what your decision is to me (Ok, I do want you to pick one in particular, but if you chose the one I don't want, I'll still do Kitty Komic pages with a smile :) )

P.S. I haven't been inking comics because I've become obsessed with Star Fox. I'll try to make sure Star Fox Command doesn't take too much time away from Kitty Komic working time when it comes out, but I'm not making promises ^_^ (I'll probably be Slippy or Krystal on Wi-Fi on it, with the nickname "Meowzerator" if it fits, incase someone else here is going to be playing it (Yes, despite his horrid, girly voice in SF64, Slippy is my favourite character, Krystal is my second favourite because she can read minds))

(Sorry that this is a long post ^_^)

EDIT: Meow, I just remembered something. That means that if you agree to let me just draw them out, I can almost instantly upload every page of Chapter 1, and finally get started on Chapter 2. Also, I could still ink special comics (First and final pages, important scenes, etc.) if ya'll want me to. Like how there's one scene in Chapter 2 that I'll put every ounce of talent, skill, and effort into inking it regardless of what choice is picked because it's such an important one for the rest of the series ^_^, and deserves more than highly-detailed shaded drawing. What that scene is, however, is up to you to decide or wait for :D).
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Post by phantom » Sat Aug 12, 2006 1:06 pm

As I said in the MSN conversation, I think some should be inked (extra special ones, perhaps) and the rest should be drawn. =)

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Post by Obakabible » Sat Aug 12, 2006 8:15 pm

Ink it to waste more time :D
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