Favourite moment in kitty Komic

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Favourite moment in kitty Komic

Postby Wind Adept » Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:01 pm

I thought I would post this considering that the long anticipated arrival of Kitty Komic 2 is on Novemeber 1st, I'd like to ask what you're favourite moment was in Kitty Komic 1. Mine is when Ami, after getting mad at Software for drinking, realizes that she should put her friendship in front of her prejudice against people who drink and decides to help Software cover up any evidence of her taking any beers from her dad's stash, that was a very strong moment (applauds)

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Postby Sonikku » Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:44 pm

I couldn't tell you which part was my favourite, because I liked them all :D. However, here's a list of parts I enjoyed writing, drawing and/or reading that I remember in no particular order

1) Chapter 2, page 60-61, when Ami sings in the talent show
2) Chapter 2, page 77, Kei and Ami's first kiss
3) Chapter 5, page 20-32, Kei and Software's TAS5 duel
4) Chapter 4, page 72-76, Ami helping Software (The one you mentioned)
5) Chapter 5, page 1-7, Chase's birth
6) Chapter 4, page 60-63, Software declaring war, and when she burnt her date clothes
7) Chapter 6, page 43, the Fertility Fairy, probably my favourite joke of the series :D
8) Chapter 7, page 23-28, Ami's freakout thinking Kei's cheating on her with Software
9) Chapter 8, page 33, Kei convincing Ami not to just let herself die
10) Chapter 8, page 62-64, Kei offering Ami his help
11) Chapter 8, page 92-104, the climax
12) Chapter 8, page 104-108, Kei and Ami's last words to each other for a long time

So yeah, those are my most enjoyed parts :D
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Postby Wind Adept » Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:30 pm

Oh yeah the ancient scrolls duel between Kei and software was cool :D and the fertility fairy was funny, but I thought it was really funny when Jen is dared to act like a hillbilly and Ami's mom gets worried and checks to see if there was any beer missing lol

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Postby ekkkkkknoes » Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:04 am

Under the impulse of the moment I would say Chapter 6 Page 6.
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