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Blanca Faces

Postby Sonikku » Sat Jan 27, 2007 10:11 pm

Everyone loves drawing faces on that mysterious white kitty! Whether they be an actual attempt at a face (Like what I usually end up doing, even if I don't want to ^_^), or a bunch of scribbles aligned to resemble a face. Or you know, something that's not a face at all. ANYWAY... If you draw a cool one, post it here like me!

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Wind Adept
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Postby Wind Adept » Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:03 am

I'm not at all familiar with this "Blanca" you speak of :?

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Postby phantom » Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:04 pm

Wind Adept wrote:I'm not at all familiar with this "Blanca" you speak of :?

Go to the phone in your room in Animal Crossing: Wild World and choose to allow visits from a "mysterious cat". Then connect to Nintendo's online service by talking to Copper (the dog on the right at the town gate) and choosing "I wanna go out!" or "Invite guests!" and choose "Nintendo WFC". If you chose "I wanna go out!" you have to visit a friend's town, so they have to be online as well, and you have to have each other on your friends list. It's just easier to choose "Invite guests!" to get Blanca to come.

After you do that, Nintendo may send a Blanca to your town. Blanca will not instantly appear in your town, rather it will appear the next time you load the game or perhaps the next day. You often get a Blanca that has visited another town and as such has someone else's design on her face. You still get to draw her a new face. Once you have drawn a new face on Blanca, you can talk to Copper again and connect to Nintendo WFC again for Nintendo to recieve your facial art and perhaps send it on to someone else's town.

Used Blancas can come and go to and from any town, not just between friends. In fact, it's very unlikely you will see the art of someone you know. Blanca tends to stay in your town for a week if you don't draw on her, but will be gone by the next day if you have drawn on her.

If one of the following is in your town, Blanca will wait until they are gone before appearing in your town:
Wendell (A Hungry Hungry Hippo.. Er.. Walrus)
Dr Shrunk (You get emotions from this guy)
Tortimer (The town mayer, a turtle)
Cornimer (He looks an awful lot like Tortimer...)
Crazy Redd (Black market tent)
Katie or Kaitlin (One is a lost kitten, the other is the mother it is looking for.)
Lyle (Insurance agent)
Joan (You get turnips from this character)
K.K. Slider (The dog in the coffee shop at 8 PM to midnight Saturday night that plays songs for you)

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Wind Adept
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Postby Wind Adept » Fri Mar 23, 2007 9:32 am

ooohhh! :D I was wondering what the mysterious cat option was in that game!, lol there's a black market in the game

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