Gran Turismo 4 Drifting

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Gran Turismo 4 Drifting

Post by Sonikku » Mon Jun 18, 2007 11:18 pm

Drifting is fun. Drifting is hard. Drifting looks cool.


That's me drifting in my BMW M3 GTR =3

Oh yes! And if anyone here wants to know how to drift in Gran Turismo 4 (Something tells me I'm the only one), here's how you do it (I'm bored)

Preperation tuning
- Find a FR drivetrain car (I've done it in an MR and 4x4, but FF is ultra hard, and RR spins out too easy) (I've drifted in BMW M3 GTR (FR), Toyota Sprinter Treuno GT-Apex (FR), Toyota Supra (FR), Nissan Skyline GT-R (4x4), and Lotus Elise (MR))
- Buy super-soft and hard Racing tires (Or soft and hard Sports tires if you don't have enough monies)
- Put the soft ones on the front and hard on the back
- If you have brake controllers, max out both front and back brakes

- Hit the brakes as you would in normal turning when approaching a turn
(Do any of the following depending on situation)
- Long, smooth turn = Slow down, turn in as hard as you can, and floor the pedal. When your rear tires lose grip, just let go of the d-pad/analog stick and let the car steer itself, lightly countersteering before the angle gets too big, then countersteer out of the turn
- Normal turn = Use brakes while approaching the turn to throw out grip in your rear tires, and tap the gas around the turn while countersteering to prevent a spin-out
- Short, hairpin turn = Slow down, then use the e-brake to get your car spun, then tap the gas around the turn
- Slam on the gas once you have your car re-stablized
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