Mass effect franchise

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Mass effect franchise

Post by Nihil » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:45 pm

Personal input, Kaidan?

I think the best was Me2, that reminded me kind of ufo: enemy unknown, You know, You got pain in the ass from unknown threat, and prepare to beat crap out of them by research, investigating their attack sites, even ship, discovering origin, homeworld and then pow! Do_or_die mission, ultimate challenge, one ship, some crew and totally hostile base. That was above epic to me.

Me1 was good for innovations, lots and lots of quests, but places were all the same (repeating maps, just objects and mission differ).

White-text: (contains spoilers on Me3)
Me3 sucks. Your last mega-boss is Maruder Shields, endings are crap,
character dialogues are brilliant, exploration and research is lazy and too simplified. But cooldown on powers is awesome, I can be biotic and screw Your gun (instead of occasional, gentle interrupt by push from me1).

Overall, except of very unpolished me3 (from the field of exploration, research and tactics, it could have more strategic input), and obviously the main plot) the Mass Effect is very awesome piece of game that Bioware made. Too bad EA got their filthy hands on that, I blame them for what they do to every good games out there...

What do You think of one of not_many games today who are good enough to be remembered?

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