New Tribes Repack 41

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New Tribes Repack 41

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Tribes Repack release 41 is out now. Get it here.
Changes in release 41 (Nov 30, 2020):
-Added a new horns hat model.
-Added a few rideable dragon recolours.
-Added a new Vendor's Alley redesign model.
-Added plugins which come with a few features:
--Several client side crash fixes related to software rendering.
--Tribes-norpg.exe is now obsolete as plugins add the functionality that rpg needed.
--Added experimental opengl rendering in windowed. Due to not-yet-solved issues, this setting will reset when the game closes.
--One server side crash fix related to AI.
--Many new functions added for server-side use.
-Included Base RPG is now 6.9: See Server-changelog.txt

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Re: New Tribes Repack 41

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Thanks Ph

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